Every piece of our fudge is handmade in small batches, with various flavours added at the last minute just before the fudge sets.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our ingredients from the locally produced Jersey herd cream from Hinxden Dairy, Benenden to the Madagscan vanilla pods we use to flavour each batch.

Even the flavourings that go into the fudge are top notch, be it Belgian milk chocolate or the peanut butter, which is manufactured in Chatham.

To heighten the taste and keep pace with evolving tastes in Britain, each flavour has a little sea salt stirred through right at the last minute. With eleven different choices there is a delicious fudge to appeal to everyone!

Our fudge makes the perfect treat for those times when you simply want to indulge yourself or an ideal gift, luxury wedding favours or the perfect birthday or thank-you present!

Take a look over our other products too, from English classics such as honeycomb, nut brittles and coconut ice to genuine Turkish Delight.

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