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Handmade fudge from the heart of Kent

If the fudge doesn't have the cow you won't be O'er the Moon


Q. What is the Best Before date on the products?

A. We try to put a 2 or 3 month Best Before date on fudges and Turkish Delight, while other products may be slightly shorter. Please contact us if this is an issue and we will do all we can to help.

Q. Are all products gluten free?

A. All products are gluten free, except the Turkish Delight, which is set with starch.

Q. What is the difference between fudge and tablet?

A. The difference is down to texture. Fudge contains extremely small sugar crystals, which dissolve quickly in the mouth giving the fudge its melt-in-the-mouth texture. Tablet has larger crystals in it so it is harder and is slightly crunchy or grainy.

Q. Is the Turkish Delight vegetarian?

A. Yes. The Turkish Delight is set with starch, not gelatine.